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Dekstop Table Rack can Protect Neck and Increased Shelf Base Office Desktop Storage Box Drawer Shelf Sub-screen
Price RM29.00 - RM65.00
Size (L x W x H) 50 cm x 30 cm x 15 cm
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Pattern: FIG.
Color: single frame, a double frame, three single drawer frame +] [ballet powder, monolayer three drawer cabinet +] [neutral gray, single frame three drawers [+] coral orange, three single drawer frame + ] [blue spruce, three drawers double frame +] [blue spruce, three drawers double frame +] [ballet powder, three double drawer frame +] [neutral gray, three double drawer frame + [coral orange ], double double rack cabinet office [+] Nordic white, three double drawer frame + [] + blue spruce [Picea double cabinet office blue], three double drawer frame + [] + double powder ballet [powder] ballet cabinet office, three double drawer frame +] + [neutral gray double cabinet office] [neutral gray, single double rack cabinet office [+] white Nordic
Category: Desktop storage box

Product features: no cover
Model: NRFZGJ004
Time to market: Spring 2018
Scope: CD, remote controls, stationery, medicine, toys
material: plastic

Storage scenario: living room, bedroom, study, table
Number of cartons: 16

Item: NRFZGJ004
Brand: love is satisfied that part
The new plastic material accounting: 80% -99% of new material
Specific Material: ABS

Patent Number: 201930056346.7

Function: Finishing
Style: Modern
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