Universal DVD External PLAYER Android Stereo Interface USB for CAR TV MONITOR COMPUTER
RM199.00 RM380.00
Universal DVD External PLAYER Android Stereo Interface USB for CAR TV MONITOR COMPUTER
Price RM199.00 RM380.00
Size (L x W x H) 15 cm x 15 cm x 5 cm
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Car external Android large screen navigation DVD box

1 Product name:
2 Complete configuration: 1*disc box
3 Whether the shipment comes with a packing box: color box
8 Product special purpose: CD reading
9 Product material: ABS
10 Appearance color: black
11 Product size: Length 14.8CM*Width 14.5CM*Height 3.5CM
12 Packing box size: 16*16*4CM
31 Charger input and output voltage and current: 5V
In addition, the hanging DVD box supports Android large-screen navigation, only USB connection, no power cord, easy installation, and lossless installation. The touch screen controls the functions of the DVD box, such as: dragging the progress bar, selecting songs, fast forward and fast rewind, in and out of the disc, etc. CD sound quality is good, DVD picture is clear.
There are two ways to connect this disc box to the host. The first is to install a dedicated APP. The steps are as follows:
1. Please connect the disc box to the USB of the host;
2. Put the installation CD into the disc box and wait for the installation CD to be read;
3. Find ""ES File Explorer"" or ""File Manager"" in the navigation, click to open, find the installation file ""DVD Player.APK"", and click install;
4. After the installation is complete, return to the main interface, the ""DVD Player"" icon will appear in the application;
5. Exit the installation CD, insert the disc that needs to be played, wait for the words ""Preparing USB storage"" to appear in the upper left corner of the screen, click the icon of DVD Player"", and then you can enjoy DVD video or CD music.
Another method:
No APP is installed, the USB can be used directly by plugging in. Insert the CD disc and click the music icon on the big screen machine interface, and insert the DVD disc and click the video icon on the big screen machine interface.
Product Features:
1. Take home to connect LCD TV and use it as home DVD;
2. It can be connected to a laptop computer as an optical drive;
3. It can also play CD discs when connected to some cars without disc drives.
TVs, computers and diskless drives do not need to be installed with APP, and can be used directly by connecting them.
Specification size: length 14.8CM*width 14.5CM*height 3.5CM"

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